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  • Welcome to Partner with Us

    ISP / Reseller.

    Together with Our Distributors, Agents and Resellers in their countries, Regions and Localities, we are able to serve the African Continent with our award winning and game changing Satellite Services. Join the Network of Professionals in the Satellite Industry and share in the experience as we drive Network Excellence to the Last Mile.


  • Serving Africa Together

    The Best Margins and Service Excellence.

    We empower you with the Best Margins and offer you support in service delivery, Our Offers are unbeatable enabling you to highly compete and lead all the rest. Enjoy profits of up to 300% by Tailoring and setting your own Profit Margin. Join the winning Team.



Together reaching the Last mile with Unmatched service excellence

Serving Africa.


The Best Partnership/Business Value

Our offers are very attractive, giving you the best Business / Investment value. Enjoy profit margins of up to 300% on service.


Round the Clock Partner Support

Wherever, Whenever. From trainings to Marketing, Sales to client support, We've got your back, 24/7 Any challenge, anytime.


Game Changing Satellite Services

Using the latest satellite Technology, we deliver High throughput on very affordable and easy to install Terminals we provide to Partners.


Obligations and Terms at different Service Levels.

What we Provide.

We at JinnoSat provide: The Platform, The Network Operations Center, Bandwidth / Capacity and Hardware(Client Premise Equipment/ Satellite Terminals) all at wholesale price. Our Technical Team is readily available 24/7 to offer support and training for installers and system administrators. Our partner takes the responsibility of handling Local licenses and registrations, Stocking Hardware, Installing Terminals, first line customer support and making timely payments for the supplied Capacity. The Partner is free to appoint as many resellers under him as can be handled. We at JinnoSat Africa shall have No direct dealing with the Partner's Resellers or Clients whatsoever. We make sure the Partner is empowered with service tools to ease their work in serving Africa.


Why Choose Jinno Satellite Services.

The African continent needs a robust, agile and cost friendly service to meet the high demands of connectivity and bridge the Digital divide That’s what Jinno-Sat comes to address.

Unmatched Service Excellence.

We are smart at what we do. After serving the remote and urban areas of Africa, we understand what exactly the Clients need.

Wide Profit Margins.

Our margins are Big to enable our partners to out compete all the rest in the satellite market, take advantage.

17 Years Experience in the Field.

We have been in the Field designing and Providing Solutions in different Scenarios in Connectivity.

The Benefits of JinnoSat,

Experience True Satellite Broadband Speed.

JINNO range of SERVICES is a TRUE Broadband range of services, offering Business Quality Internet Access from ANYWHERE at your Site direct to the Internet backbone. Guaranteed broadband Speeds ranging from 2mbps – 100mbps, Scalable, Allowing the solution to be upgraded easily as the client network grows without need for physical equipment upgrades, Affordable Pricing from Home, Small Office Plan to Large Enterprise Plans. Reliability – managed through a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement. Value Adds – VoIP, Email Smart hosting, Virus and Spam Filtering, Secure Public IP Addresses, Smart Bandwidth Management.



Jinno Satellite Services.

JinnoSat delivers quality and flexibility that the most demanding customers in Africa seek, this differentiates it from competitors. Get in touch with us by filling our contact form or sending us email on, Partner with us and enjoy the profitability of our award winning services. Contact us today and lets guide you into Satellite Internet Business.